Become a Camillian Priest

The rewards of undertaking the Camillian mission are great.

Yes, it can be spiritually and physically challenging. And yes, Camillians can also be called to go to dangerous places. However, the inner joy and God’s graces you’ll receive when tending to outcasts on the front lines of life and death are immeasurable.

It’s difficult to describe the satisfaction a Camillian feels as he treats a medical condition or nourishes a soul. In short, the wholeness and depth of a person’s spirituality is kindled.

Holy Orders for Healthcare

A Camillian priest has an education in healthcare and puts it to practice – our priests and brothers include medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and x-ray technicians. They work out of huts and high rises, but all have taken a vow of poverty and live in community. All see Jesus’ face in those to whom they minister.

Accept His Call

The journey to become a Camillian priest begins with a single step: a great deal of time spent in prayer and personal examination. There are many things to consider, such as the certainty of a vocational life and if God is truly calling you to the active ministry of St. Camillus.

Our process will help lead you to find the place in the Order that fits you best … and where you fit best. The journey begins with Discerning a Camillian Vocation.