Decision & Candidacy

Objective: To prepare and constantly renew the Camillian candidate for his performance in the Church, in society and in the world of health.

Promotion of Vocations: The Camillian Order has the task to promote and spread the awareness that all people of God are called to a particular consecration in the midst of the world. The Order aims in a special way to young people, helping guide them in the awakening and in reception of God’s plan. Within the Church, among the many vocations, the Order self-promotes to young people who are attracted to caring for the sick.

Stages of Formation

1 – Candidacy: The first year of formation for the candidate in the seminary. The candidacy marks the beginning of a vocational journey for those whom already finished health services training in school or college. The goal in this year is to continue the process of discernment started in the promotion of vocation and to experience more intensely the life of the community, spirituality and Camillian charisma.

2 – Postulancy (Pre-Novitiate): This is the time of philosophical studies. This stage aims to monitor and evaluate the skills of seminarians for the Camillian religious life. Training this year promotes and encourages academics so that pre-novitiates can finish their philosophy course with a solid understanding and preparation for the next step.

3 – Novitiate: This step has a strong foundation in prayer, community life, and experiences of the Camillian charisma. It is expected that human and spiritual maturity that will allow novitiates to freely and responsibly take the decision to answer “Yes!” to the call of God – a call that is expressed by the profession of temporary vows of chastity, poverty, obedience and assistance to the sick – at the end of the year.

4 – Post Novitiate (Temporary Vows and Perpetual Vows): This is a period of theological studies. It aims to deepen the experience of Camillian consecration in following Jesus Christ, assuming personal and communal the Camillian charisma until the final engagement: the perpetual profession of vows.

5 – Ongoing Formation: When the perpetual profession of vows has been taken, a new era of ongoing formation begins. It is best stated in the Camillian Constitution: “All our religious, conscious of the need to continue the process of growth in their personal life, and taking into account the constantly changing conditions of the time and place, engage in the continuing work of renewal of their lives, from a scriptural, cultural and professional standpoint. They update their individual competence in the exercise of the ministry so as to render their apostolate more effective. The superiors, for their part, provide the necessary time and means to this end” (C. 87).

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