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  • Bill & Carol
    Posted at 04:30h, 07 October Reply

    Updated Prayer Request!


    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows…

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer for God’s Peace and Recovery in our broken hearts and lives which has been under great hardships and ongoing sorrows! Never less we continue to move forward in hope despite it all! The pain and exhaustion makes it very difficult to write or type this note to you!

    Please continue to pray(Oct,Nov..Christmas 2013,2014..or as long as possible??)with us daily for God’s Peace and Recovery!Please also pray for relief from severe financial misery which is making our recovery next to impossible! Also Dealing with other deaths,losses and sorrows at the same time!

    Despite it all we will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer and Hope and move forward into God’s Will and Eternal Rest!

    Please if Possible?

    Can you pass or E-Mail Urgent Prayer Request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer?


    Thank you for your patience and daily prayers!

    In His Peace,

    Bill and Carol. usa

    PS.We will keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace! Especially in these uncertain times of bad events and darkness!

  • Yvonne O'Connor
    Posted at 19:38h, 07 November Reply

    To pray that my daughter Camilla will pass her exams that enable her to be a doctor.

  • Michele in Durham NC
    Posted at 00:52h, 30 April Reply

    Please pray for my daughter, a newly graduated registered nurse. She is unemployed and becoming discouraged in the wait for her prayers for a job to be answered. Many thanks and may God bless you in your work.

  • Ann Bond
    Posted at 02:54h, 11 May Reply

    Please pray for my husband, who is battling stage 4 lung cancer and undergoing experimental therapy. Thanks and God bless you!

  • Debi Heck
    Posted at 16:35h, 25 June Reply

    Please pray for Marilyn Barth who has ovarian cancer and can’t take the traditional medical treatments. I am also wondering; do you still have the little crosses with a little prayer booklet? I use to order these and give them away to ill friends and family. I have not been able to find them in years.

  • Roy Bauer
    Posted at 14:33h, 30 July Reply

    I had cancer surgery in 2011 and am not going through testing to determine whether the cancer has returned or there is a new cancer or whether there is no cancer. Needless to say, I am unsettled.

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 15:35h, 04 November Reply

      Our prayers are with you.

  • Zenni
    Posted at 14:31h, 11 June Reply

    My husband was deasnoigd with esophageal cancer in April. He has undergone chemo and radiation therapy. Through this, he has found a true relationship with our Lord Jesus and not just a mental knowledge. For that I am thankful. God has had him in the palm of his hand and he has tolerated this treatment with little side effects although this has not been easy. His last PET scan showed no hot spots or active cancer but it is still recommended that he have surgery to remove his esophagus. He is scared to death despite his faith and prayers. Our hope is that God would perform a healing miracle so that the surgery and life style change would not be necessary. If he should allow this surgery to be performed, we are standing in faith that all will be well and he will be cured. My husband is 58.Due to this disease, my husband was forced to retire; thankfully, he has been approved for disability. These payments will not begin until December and we have taken measures to reduce our financial load. So far, God has blessed us and provided but by my eyes and finite mind, this money will not last past another month or two. I feel maybe it would be best to sell our house, horses, and goats and downsize to a more affordable dwelling which requires less upkeep, time and would allow us more financial stability. I have a high pressure job but thankfully, understanding cohorts have been supportive and tolerant of my absences when necessary. The pressure I feel at this time is overwhelming and I feel myself succumbing at times into a place of just let me hide in a corner and let the world leave me alone. I have asked Jesus to guide me, strengthen me and show me the best course of action and to bless that action and give me the strength to do what I need to do. Please God, help us.In Jesus name.

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 11:03h, 15 June Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus will include your intentions in our prayers.

  • Rose
    Posted at 18:31h, 12 July Reply

    I am asking for a normal healthy mind for me. Thank you. God bless.

  • Nicole Brunette
    Posted at 12:23h, 13 July Reply

    Please pray for Brian who has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He has undergone radiation treatments and is now going through chemo.. Also pray for his conversion. Thank you, and God bless you..

  • Chris Benischek
    Posted at 15:01h, 14 July Reply

    Happy Feast of St Camillus! (July 14th 2015)

    Please pray for me in my illness, that I may accept it and nonetheless live like a true Christian and follower of the great San Camillo! Pray also please for my youngest daughter Catherine Camille who turns four on the (second) Feast of St Camillus this Saturday July 18th 2015. Lastly join my wife an myself in our prayer for relief from outlandish financial burdens.

    Lord Jesus, King of St Camillus and All Saints, and of us all, be praised now and forever! Viva Cristo Rey, Viva!

    New Jersey, U. S. A.

  • Fay glo
    Posted at 15:06h, 14 July Reply

    Belated thanks to St Camillus my spiritual father for helping me through nursing school college and university. Its sad that i cannot continue being a nurse but i pray he pray for me as i have many sicknesses physical,mental and spiritual. God bless all camillans especially the ones i met in hospital. I pray also that my dear friend blessed henri rebuschini help me i have so many similarities with him.
    I pray that through the prayers of st camillus and blessed henri God may use me for his glory right where he has placed me.

  • Charles James
    Posted at 16:47h, 15 July Reply

    Please pray for my sick neighbour who has terminal cancer. She does not have faith.

  • Ninni
    Posted at 17:46h, 16 July Reply

    Please pray for Emer, my mother, who is 78 and has cancer. May she find healing, comfort and assurance with the Lord at her side. Thank you. And also please pray for my father,Lauro, who is 84, that despite his failing general health, he remains active so he can worship Jesus Christ nicely. Thank you.

  • Alicja
    Posted at 07:52h, 18 July Reply

    Please pray for my back. I have a very serious back condition and I am concerned about the symptoms I have been noticing last couple of days. Please pray that there is no deterioration… Thank you. God bless you.

  • Annette
    Posted at 19:07h, 20 July Reply

    Pray for my marriage and family A and G will have good communication together. Pray for Gary back will be healed and he will not have any health problems. Pray for health of Gary, Annette, Liz, Marie,, Patti, Julie, Richard, Dewayne.

  • Anita G
    Posted at 16:58h, 21 July Reply

    Please pray for my husband who is facing a possible return of prostate cancer after a seven year remission. He is only 58 years old and a physician himself. He works so hard and is so dedicated to his patients who all adore him. May Our Merciful Lord through the intercession of St Camillus cure my husband and restore him to good health and strength.

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 11:53h, 18 August Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has added you to our prayer list.

  • Annette
    Posted at 20:54h, 25 December Reply

    Pray for my marriage and family. Pray for Ryan will get healthy quickly and he will do well playing basketball tomorrow. Pray for A.F and family can lose weight,exercise and eat healthy. Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and family. Pray for Tom,Alysha,Eric. and home. Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home. Pray for A.F can her house cleaned and organized. Pray for A.F can get along really good family and friends. Pray for healing of all my past and present relationships.

  • Deepa JOhn
    Posted at 23:18h, 12 January Reply

    Dear heavenly father have mercy on us,please forgive our sins. I’m begging you o Lord, heal my mummy Philomina who is suffering from type2 respiratory failure and is in ventilator support for many days. Her health shows no progress and the medicines are not effective.There is some strong infections that is not going away with the medicines. Doctors are asking us to pray as they are trying out their best .please lord ,we want our mum recovered.Lord please there’s nothing impossible for you.

    I have hurted my parents at times .Please lord I sincerely regret and feel guilty . But I love them very much .Please give me a chance.Oh my good god,please I dont feel like living anymore. LOrd please dont take her away from us too early.She is a kind persons and always help needy.Please be kind to her. Lord I promise, I will treat my parents very well with all respect and love. I’m sorry lord,please give me my mum back.Do a miracle now, bless , make her lungs start working . Kill all bacteria and other infections which causes blockage in breathing. Reduce her carbon dioxide levels in blood.Please lord let the doctors find the actual cause of her illness and it is treatable. Lord let all her other body mechanisms function. Lord you just need an instant to heal her.You know how depressed we are.Lord listen my cries and see my tears. I cant handle this anymore lord.please have mercy on us. Amen

  • Glenn Balhon
    Posted at 06:44h, 20 January Reply

    Please help me pray for healing and recovery for my parents
    Perla Balhon for her lung, heart and other sicknesses
    Tomas Balhon for his kidney, rheumatism and other sicknesses

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 11:01h, 20 January Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has included your intention in its prayers.

  • Tim G.
    Posted at 00:59h, 02 February Reply

    Urgent. We truly need a miracle. Please pray that God heals elderly Dana from blood cancer. She is in constant pain now and barely alive, because of kidney failure

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 12:21h, 02 February Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has added your petition to its prayers.

  • Annette fath
    Posted at 12:42h, 10 February Reply

    Pray for health of Wendi grandma, Annette, Aiden, Ella, Mary, Sharon,Tom,Marie and Anne.Pray for A.F. can have a nice graduation for Ryan. Pray for A,F can make many good friends and family.

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 11:16h, 15 February Reply

      The Camillians will add your petitions to our prayers.

  • Mrs. REgi mol Biju
    Posted at 00:44h, 15 February Reply

    Dears in Christ

    My name is Mrs. Regi mol K. Biju, I am writing this prayer request for me and my mother. My mother Mrs. Aleyamma (73 years) suffering from cancerous on her left knee and suffering lot. Pls. pray for her our almighty pour his divine mercy on her.

    Secondly I have 45 years old had lot of problems in my body. I have severe disk herniation in my neck disks and osteophytes. Also I have my ear bone to throat have more length have from its normal. Dr. said there is no treatment on it and I am suffering lot of problems because of this. I am feeling numbness in my tongue and chin. Some times I felt a big shock and pain and numbness on my head also., Kindly pray for me to receive holy spirit and let almighty shower his blessing upon me and my family.

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 11:10h, 15 February Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has added your petition to its prayers.

  • Mary Hosey
    Posted at 22:01h, 20 February Reply

    Pls. pray for me and many loved ones desperate for healings

  • M
    Posted at 19:43h, 06 March Reply

    Please pray for my friend Bob, he is catholic and is gravely ill. I ask that you pray for a good outcome for him and his family. .

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 09:42h, 07 March Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has added your intention to its prayers

  • Marvin A
    Posted at 01:28h, 19 March Reply

    I pray for healing for myself as I am very ill. I have severe breathing problems which affect my mental well-being. I cant work and can barely sleep or think. Please pray for me.

    Thank You!

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 11:21h, 21 March Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has added your intentions to its prayers.

  • rgillespie
    Posted at 11:52h, 24 March Reply

    Successful surgery for my wife.

  • Joe
    Posted at 03:16h, 30 March Reply

    Please pray for my sister Mary as she is suffering from effects of lyme disease & several additional health issues. Also for my as I recover from a surgery in November & continue treatments. In His peace & love, Joe

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 10:24h, 06 April Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has added your intentions to its preayers.

  • Agnelo
    Posted at 05:17h, 03 May Reply

    Please pray to Jesus, Mary and Joseph to grant me all the graces needed for my conversion and salvation, to deliver me from eternal death and grant me the grace of eternal life. Also, to heal me completely and permanently of chronic stomach disorder and make me productive and financially independent.

    • rgillespie
      Posted at 09:41h, 03 May Reply

      The Order of St. Camillus has added your intentions to its preayers.

  • Annette
    Posted at 12:55h, 18 July Reply

    Pray for good health for Annette and Ryan.Pray for a special intention.Pray for my marriage and family .A.F and family can lose weight,exercise and eat healthy.Pray for Ryan and Kylie.Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and college.Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and Aiden and Ella.Pray for hair turns out good.Pray for Tom and Alysha engagement,new home,van.Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home,cars,jobs. Pray for A.F can get house cleaned,organized and declutter.Pray to St.Joseph,Mother Mary,Jesus,guardian angel,nine choir of angelican angels protect family, help them along there way

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