Camillian Ministries

Missionary Ministries

Missionary work is an important part of any religious Order, and the Camillians strive constantly to ensure that their efforts in this area are successful. The missionary ministries take place in over 35 countries around the world.

Camillian missions are an essential part of the Order’s efforts. There are sick and needy people around the globe who require the healthcare the Camillian’s provide, along with the spirituality and inspiration behind it. Missions take the priests and brothers all over the world to interact with individuals different races, creeds, cultures, and languages.

The Camillian Order believes these missions are very important to worldwide social work efforts. Missionaries raise funds and work diligently to try to improve the lives of all God’s children. It is understood that the entire world is part of one family, God’s family, and it is the responsibility of all family members to look out for one another.

Social Ministries

The fundamental calling of the Camillians is to provide help to those who cannot help themselves. Certainly, the Order of Saint Camillus caters primarily to people’s medical needs, but that doesn’t mean they look past other universal human needs.

The Camillian Order stresses the importance of respecting the God-given rights and the fundamental dignity of each individual in their healthcare practices The Camillians dedicate a large portion of their overall efforts to the pursuit of social justice around the globe.

These social ministries trace their roots to the same inspiration that drove Camillus and his early followers: Jesus treated everyone he encountered with love, compassion, and respect, and He wants all of his children to see each other as equals. Unfortunately, the Camillians cannot ignore that there are those in the world who don’t share Christ’s world view, and they feel it is their responsibility to right some of the wrongs brought about by these people. While their primary goals are physical and spiritual health, the priests and brothers in the Camillian Order also strive to achieve social health and equality amongst all of God’s children.