World Provinces/Delegations

The Order of St. Camillus is present and ministering in over 35 countries, by more than 1,200 priests and brothers.

We invite you to visit the websites listed below to learn how Camillians found around the world are following in the steps of St. Camillus. (Of special interest are the wonderful photos of St. Mary Magdalene in Rome on the Irish Province website.)

Official site for the Cel. of the IV Centenary
Austrian Province
Brazilian Province
Burkina Faso Vice Province
Delegation Haiti
Delegation in Argentina
Delegation in Armenia
Delegation in Australia
Delegation in Benin
Delegation in Bolivia
Delegation in Centrafrican
Delegation in Chile
Delegation in Colombian
Delegation in Equador
Delegation in Georgia
Delegation in Hungary
Delegation in Madagascar
Delegation in Mexico
Delegation in Nederland
Delegation in Tanzania
Delegation in Tongo
Delegation in Uganda
Delegation in USA
Delegation in Vietnam
Delegation inTanzanian
Delegation Kenyan
Delegation Taiwanese
France Province
German Province
Indian Vice-Province
Irish Province
Lombard o Venetian Province
Peruvian Vice Province
Philippine Province
Piemontese Province
Polish Province
Roman Province
Sicilian-Neapolitan Province
Spanish Province
Thailand Province
Female Congregations
Daughter of St. Camillus
Ministers of the sick of the St. Camillus
Handmaids of the Incarnation
Camillian Missionary Handmaids
Stella Maris Congregation
Kamillianische Shwestern
Inst. Sec. Miss. d. Inf. “Cristo Speranza”
Lay Camillian Family (USA)

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Lista dei Siti Cattolici in Italia
Madian Orizzonti Onlus – Mis. Camilliane
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Pastorale Giovanile dei Relig. Camilliani
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St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand
St. Camillus Inter. Univ. of Health Sciences

Map of Worldwide Provinces & Delegations