Camillians In The USA

To witness to the merciful love of Christ through service to the poor and sick



In The Order continues to broaden its reach as health care frontiers expand, helping people deal with the emerging illnesses of society.

In the USA Camillians own and operate a 51-bed skilled care nursing home, a 276-unit retirement complex, 76 assisted living apartments, 65 memory care apartments, home health care agency, and hospice agency.

In keeping with the desire of our founder, the activities of some of our religious take them outside of our own institutions. They may be found reflecting Christ’s love for the sick in general or special hospitals, nursing homes, parishes, state institutions, social service agencies, private homes, wherever they are needed to serve. They function as hospital chaplains, nurses, therapists, counselors and others. Their fraternal community is a sign of the living presence of God at work in the world today.



In September of 1919, the Superior of the German Province of The Order of St. Camillus received a letter from Rev. James Durward of the diocese of St. Paul Minnesota. Father Durward offered to donate the Order a beautiful spot of scenic splendor called Durward’s Glen, near Baraboo, Wisconsin. With the offer came the condition that a hospital is built on the site. The German Province sent Father Michael Mueller to America in the fall of 1921 to look into the matter. If God’s Province had not taken things in hand, there may still be no Camillian facility in the United States.

For on the voyage to America, Father Michael Mueller met the Most Rev. Sebastian Messmer, Archbishop of Milwaukee who invited Fr. Mueller to visit Milwaukee if the project in Durward’s Glen proved to be impractical. Impractical it was. Fr. Mueller found the Durward’s Glen site to be too remote for a hospital, and he instead returned to Milwaukee where he accepted the pastorate of Fussville temporarily owing to the illness of the pastor.

It was not parish work for which the Camillian had come to America. But you cannot go to a foreign country on Monday and build a hospital on Tuesday, not even in America.

On February 12, 1923, however, Fr. Mueller initiated his plan by purchasing a house on the south side of Milwaukee on 21st Avenue. He had only $850 to his name and Miss Merkalback was asking $8,000 for the house. But God does seem to provide.

City clergy, religious institutions, and Catholic lay people came to the rescue and Fr. Mueller was able to purchase the house for use as a monastery. He then purchased a second, adjacent house which he and other German Camillians opened as a small hospital for the old and incurable.

The early community was beset with financial problems. One day after having paid the interest and other urgent bills, the treasury was exhausted to the extent that not one penny remained. In the afternoon, when a lady brought twenty¬five dollars, the proceeds of a card party, the house resounded with shouts of joy, as if they had inherited a million.

The request for rooms in the small hospital became so numerous that the community decided to build a new and more modern hospital.

First Community House

The first community house on the south side of Milwaukee in the 1920's.

Original Hospital

As need for treatment kept growing, the Camillians purchase land in the Suburb of Wauwatosa to build a new hospital. The Original St. Camillus hospital in the 1930's located on the St. Camillus Campus in Wauwatosa.

San Camillo

Built in the 1980's and added onto in 1991, San Camillo is our 10 story 276 unit Independent Living facility .

Health Center

In 2004 the health center was added to the St. Camillus campus providing an additional 75 Assisted Living units, and a 51 bed Skilled Nursing Facility.

St. Camillus Campus

From a single house to a sprawling 23 acre campus, the Camillians have been ministering in the USA for nearly 100 years.

Camillians In The USA