Our Charism

To witness the merciful love of Christ through service to the poor and sick.

The Order of St. Camillus is a devout group of Roman Catholic men dedicated to caring for the sick, both in the United States and abroad. We follow in the footsteps of our Founder, Saint Camillus de Lellis. Over 400 years ago, St. Camillus encouraged his followers to love the sick as deeply and unconditionally as a mother loves her sick child. It’s still our mantra today.

Preach the Gospel.
Heal the Sick.
The Camillians are present in many countries around the world, with our ministry and services being as diverse as the people we serve.

Hospitals and Social Health

Camillians serve as doctors, nurses, and administrators in many Hospitals owned by the Order. As well as owning and operating many Health Centers that focus on specific needs such as: services for the elderly, HIV/AIDS patients, disabled children, addiction centers, nutrition centers, and other social health services.

Education and Chaplaincy

The Order owns multiple Universities and education centers around the world that focus primarily on healthcare but include other programs as well.

Chaplaincy makes up the bulk of the Camillian Ministry in the world, with Camillians serving in many public and private hospitals worldwide.

The Camillian Missions

The Camillian missions, in following with the church, want to be the presence of the merciful Christ in the “great sea of charity,” according to St. Camillus.

We realize this through a variety of Missions throughout the world to bring the light of Christ to those who need it most.

"I firmly believe that one way our organization is special is our focus on building community and addressing the spirituality of the people we serve."

Fr. Jojo Orosa, M.I., Provincial Delegate
Fr. JoJo Orosa, M.I.

“I am responding to God's call, particularly Christ in Luke's gospel, when He says "Heal the sick, and tell them that the Kingdom of God has come here for them.”

Bro. Mario Crivello, M.I.
Bro. Mario Crivello, M.I.
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